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At MultiCafé we believe in environmental and social responsibility. We are committed to respecting the environment and promoting the sustainability of the natural resources that we consume.
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Coffee is enjoyed as an important part of the day for people all over the world, but its discovery as a delicious uplifting drink is centuries old. The name coffee is derived from the Arabic term kahway or Gahwa literally translated as that which prevents sleep.
MultiCafé is available in several variations to suit every taste. Find your favorite cup for every occasion at your local supermarket now. You can also enjoy the MultiCafé experience at a coffee shop near you.
MultiCafé offers a range of high quality products with an outstanding service performance. We are customer-focused with a highly motivated and dynamic team.
"Not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul, A friend is what the soul longs for, Coffee is just the excuse.” Anon
Flavour as we perceive it is a combination of the volatile components entering our noses and the tastes perceived on our tongues and palates.
Coffee has been drunk in Iran since the 9th century. Sufis kept awake for their rituals with the help of coffee. and in the Safavid era coffee houses were established as places where poets and artists gathered and in 1664, Kashif al-Din, a Safavi pharmacologist, dedicated a treatise on the merits and morality of coffee to ShahAbbasII.
In the 11th Century Ibn-Sina admistered coffee as a medicine. In fact drinking coffee has many positive effects. In our increasingly busy and demanding lives it reduces fatigue and enhances concentration to improve performance.
Defining Your Cup
Special granulated instant coffee. This product is manufactured with the most advanced technology. Easy to prepare - just add hot water. Packed in 100g glass jars for everyday use.
A new coffee drink for those who demand a genuine product. We use whole milk cream, sugar and instant coffee to make this delightful product with the aroma of pure Espresso and a smooth froth.
A ready made product with a delicious coffee taste, perfectly balanced with cream and sugar.
The aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. Arabica and Robusta beans are beautifully roasted and ground into a free-flowing powder.
A delicious heart-warming drink made with real cocoa powder, milk and sugar. Just add hot water. Comes in portioned sachets and 100g glass jars.
MultiCafé offers innovative, practical solutions at competitive prices, presenting excellent opportunities in the short and long term.
Our creative, results-inspired team offer our full support and expertise in achieving your goals in the market.
Food and drink are integral to a hotel’s identity and character. Perceptions of the quality of the establishment are often formed by a client’s food and drink experience.
We are passionate about helping you to deliver quality coffee that your customers will enjoy.
All MultiCafé coffees can be bought in 25kg packaging ideally suited for high volume sites requiring convenient and fast delivery of quality coffee.
A Yemenite shepherd called Kaldi as he was taking his flock to pasture, noted that after grazing on certain berries his camels and sheep became excitable until late into the night.
Coffee cup reading is a widespread and popular fortune telling method, which speaks of both the past and the future.
5 eggs
500g tub of mascarpone or cream cheese
200g sugar
4 shots of espresso
I pack Ladysfingers sponge biscuits or similar
Cocoa powder
Americano :
Espresso with hot water added...
Coffee is drunk by a third of the world's population, yet no two nations seem to serve their coffee the same way.